Monday, February 25, 2008

Johnny O- Like A Stranger

Don't ever want to Lose Your Love
Like a Stranger
Don't Give Up on Love
Kiss and Say Goodbye
We Can't Go On This Way
I Gave My Heart to You
Bad Mamma Jamma
I Just Wanna Know You

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Connie- Rockin', Rollin' Weekend


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thump N Freestyle Quick Mixx Vol. I

Thanks to blog reader "Boy" for sending this in.

1. Point On No Return - Expose
2. Fascinated - Company B
3. Because Of Yo - Cover Girls
4. Notice Me - Sandee
5. Change On Me - Cynthia
6. Please Don't Go - Nayobe
7. Summertime, Summertime - Nocera
8. Take Me In Your Arms - Lil Suzy
9. If You Leave Me Now - Jaya
10. Get Away - Stephanie
11. There's A Party Going On - Yvonne
12. I Want You - Shana
13. No Reason To Cry - Judy Torres
14. You Were The One - Deniz
15. Let's Go - Nocera
16. Spring Love - Stevie B.
17. Funky Little Beat - Connie
18. Hungry For Yor Love - Hanson & Davis
19. Leave It All Behind - Tolga
20. Fantasy Girl - Johnny O


Thump n Freestyle Quick Mixx II

1. You Are My (All & All) - Joyce Sims
2. Show Me - The Cover Girls
3. Silent Morning - Noel
4. Inside, Outside - The Cover Girls
5. Boy I've Been Told - Saffire
6. Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
7. Last Chance - Cyre
8. I Will Be Loving You - Collage
9. Party Your Body - Stevie B
10. Seductive Love - Tora
11. On My Own - Ana Garcia
12. Endless Nights - Cynthia
13. Come Go With Me - Expose
14. Highways Of Love - Johnny O
15. I Go Crazy - Katalina
16. All Night - Trinere
17. Dreamin' Of Love - Stevie B
18. Say It's Gonna Rain - Will To Power
19. You Don't Have To Worry - Rhythmcentric
20. You Know You Want It - Jean

Would you believe I just found out there is a volume 4 in this series? I read the track listing, dont know if I would be interested in it.

Special thanks to DJ Dan Ski over at La Radio for sending this to me!!!

1. Wondering 2001 - Tonasia
2. Let Me Be the One
3. House This
4. Give Me Tonight [Hex Hector Remix] - Shannon
5. Set U Free [Extended] - Planet Soul
6. In de Ghetto - David Morales
7. Release Me - Angelina
8. Show Me
9. Let the Music Play - Shannon
10. Higher Love - Paradigm
11. I Do Both (Jay and Jane) - La Rissa
12. Stay in Love [Extended]
13. Do You Miss Me [Dreamhouse Mix] - Jocelyn Enriquez


Hey everyone..thanks for all the comments. WOW! Didnt know so many people loved this site. I have been thinking, I might decided to keep this site going. The responses have been amazing.

I also have been thinking about starting another page just for the Re-ups. The requests are in such demand. If I re-up all the requests on this page, it wouldnt make this site look like its current.
What do you all think?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Classified Dance (Re-up'd again!)

1. Forever (Make Believe)
2. With All My Heart (Heaven)
3. Only You (Damien Bautista)
4. You Are The One (Bernadette)
5. Tonight I Give You My Heart (Suzi Choi)
6. What Will I Do (Damien Bautista)
7. Only (Jocelyn Enriquez)
8. Remember (Kuya)
extended mixes
9. Forever (Make Believe)
10. With All My Heart (Heaven)
11. Only You (Damien Bautista)
12. You Are The One (Bernadette)
13. Tonight I Give You My Heart (Suzi Choi)
14. Only (Jocelyn Enriquez)


Hope everyone is doing great! Vote for your favorite Freestyle artist now!

Connie- Experience


Jeanette- Don't Ever Go Away


Friday, February 8, 2008


I know I said this before about Mixed CD's, but this one is the is by far the best CD. If I had 2 Freestyle mixed CD's in my player it would be this one and the Thump n Quick mix Vol. 2

St. John's So Fierce Intro - Fierce Freestyle Classics
Bad Of The Heart - George LaMond
Let The Music Play - Shannon
I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Divas Of Freestyle Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics
Notice Me - Sandee
Silent Morning - Noel
Point Of No Return (Remix) - Expose
Volume Two Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics
Boy I've Been Told - Safire
Together Forever - Lizette Melendez
I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind - Lil' Suzy
Wildstyle Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics
Next Level Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics
When I Hear Music - Debbie Deb
Mixtress Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics
Treasure Of My Heart - Spanish Fly
Without Your Love - Angelina
I'm Gonna Luv U - Summer Junkies
Baby Outro Beats - Fierce Freestyle Classics

Requests & Re-ups

Hey everyone..I will try to get everything up as soon as I can. I'm going to re-up the Classified Dance (again for the 4th time), Galaxy Freestyle,Cover Girls, Jossette and the Stephanie Fastro CD's. Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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I'm closing this blog..

This is the last month!! Thanks everyone!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Now Playing- Joe Zangie "This Is The Last Time"

This is Joe Zangie's 3rd single off his amazing debut CD "Timeline" That was released in 2007.

Here is a free download of "Can You Feel The Love" This was his 1st single from his CD. Download

You can purchase the CD by clicking the image (takes you to CD Baby) It's also available on Itunes.

Visit La-entertainment and get Joe nominated for a Freestyle Award.


Get info on the 1st EVER!! Freestyle Music Awards in Miami.

Freestyle Music Awards Blog

Fierce Freestyle Mix Vol.1 of 3!!

This is an awesome set done by The Mixtress. A well known DJ from the San Francisco Bay Area on Wild 94.9

St. John's Fierce Intro
Do You Remember - Monet
Show Me - The Cover Girls
Summertime, Summertime - Nocera
Come Into My Arms - Judy Torres
Stress Beats
They're Playing Our Songs - Trinere
Don't Stop the Rock - Freestyle
I Won't Stop Loving You - C Bank
23 Purple Beats
Spring Love - Stevie B
If You Leave Me Now - Jaya
Give Me - Buffy
Talungouda Beats
Praying For An Angel - Rochelle
When I Hear the Laughter
Fantasy - Acid Factor
(Wild) 94.9 Beats Per Minute - Breakdown
In A Dream - Jossette
Vicious Outro

Cynthia- Thinking About You

If I Had The Chance
Thinking About You
I Never Said
No Holding Back
It Wasn't Enough
How I Love Him
All The Days Of Love
Save Your Love For Me
Feels Good
Like A Star
If I Had The Chance (Tony Moran's Old School Mix)
No Holding Back

Thirsty for more Freestyle??
Check out this blog. PapasDanceLand